The Extended Detention Exception

This is a petition to the FMCSA to change the Hours of Service rules to allow drivers to extend the 14 hour limit to 16 hours if they are detained by a shipper or receiver for more than 2 hours.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s stated mission is to prevent commercial motor vehicle related fatalities and injuries. The Hours of Service Rules are critical to realizing that goal, however there is one requirement for property carrying drivers that does not serve its intended purpose and fails to reflect the reality of life on the road — the 14 hour limit that prohibits driving after the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty.

The Problem

To understand the shortcomings of the 14 hour limit, one must first understand the scale of the detention problem that property carrying drivers face today.

Delays in loading and unloading freight result in lost driving time and earnings for drivers.
Drivers who experience delays at shipper or receiver facilities drive faster to make deliveries within the 14 hour limit.

The Data

KeepTruckin analyzed data for a representative sample of property carrying drivers who use the KeepTruckin ELD to determine the frequency and impact of Extended Detention Events — delays at shipper or receiver facilities that last more than 2 hours.

75% of drivers are detained at a pickup or drop off location for 2+ hours every week.

35% of drivers are detained at a pickup or drop off location for more than 6 hours every week.

On average, a driver faces seven Extended Detention Events every month.

Drivers drive 3.5 mph faster after an Extended Detention Event

Based on survey data..


drivers feel pressured to make it to their next stop in time


drivers drove faster after being detained at a stop

The Solution

Drivers should be allowed to use off duty time to extend the 14 hour period by up to 2 hours when they are detained for extended periods of time at a shipper or receiver facility. Much like short haul drivers are allowed to take a 16 hour exception, long haul property carrying drivers should be able to exercise an Extended Detention Exception to increase the 14 hour limit to 16 hours.

We ask that anyone in the commercial vehicle industry that is affected by this issue to please sign this petition by completing the form below. It’s time to make a change.







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