Free Dashcams With KeepTruckin

Get up to $200 per ELD and free Smart Dashcams when you switch to our Partner KeepTruckin.

Struggling with an ELD/AOBRD that didn’t live up to its promises? The “Shifting Gears” program makes switching to the #1 rated ELD solution simple and affordable. And with free dashcams as a gift, you can seamlessly harness the power of video for the most comprehensive fleet management solution on the market.

How 500,000 drivers and 50,000 fleets rate our Partner KeepTruckin:

App works great! Very easy to use and it does almost everything for you automatically. Customer service department is 24/7 and are very helpful.

Easy to use and had no problems with anything about it. Really good app for truckers.

The Shifting Gears Program

For a limited time, fleets of any size can get up to $200 per ELD and free Smart Dashcams for switching to our Partner KeepTruckin.

It’s that simple. There is no catch. We’re just that confident that if you try KeepTruckin, you’ll love it.

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"The Shifting Gears program gave us an affordable path to fixing our compliance concerns. Working with KeepTruckin has been a 180-degree difference. We wish we would have gone with KeepTruckin from the beginning."

Cindy Urban, President at Klapec Trucking.

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