Smarter Fleet Operations Through Simpler Dispatch

How a customer saved $400k using KeepTruckin and McLeod Software 


The supply chain is undergoing a technological revolution in a race to increase speed and reduce costs. As a carrier, your future and competitive edge depend on your ability to successfully use technology to drive real-time decision making. But, technology is only as powerful as its data. If operated in a silo, the impact is limited. Your fleet management system should be a bridge—instantly and easily connecting critical data to all platforms that help power your business to simplify operations..

In this webinar, we’ll hear from a customer who has built a tailored fleet management solution using both KeepTruckin and McLeod. We’ll cover how through the KeepTruckin and McLeod integration, this customer has streamlined daily tasks to enhance communication between drivers and dispatchers, how they’ve created workflow efficiencies that reduce manual data entry, and how the joint KeepTruckin and McLeod solution has helped them to run a more profitable business.

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