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Create a safe, efficient fleet with reliable ELD compliance, advanced GPS tracking, and the AI-powered Smart Dashcam.

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ELD Compliance
Keep your fleet running smoothly
Quickly manage all compliance tasks in one solution.
  • Easily see remaining hours and get alerted of upcoming breaks
  • Complete DVIRs and upload supporting documents
  • Create automated IFTA reports
GPS Tracking
Make better decisions with a 360° view of your operations
Streamline dispatch and scheduling with a single, comprehensive map.
  • Track live and past vehicle and trailer locations
  • Ensure drivers are on schedule and share ETAs to reduce check-in calls
  • Review location history to uncover inefficiencies
Smart Dashcam
See the road through the driver’s eyes
Protect your business with video.
  • Capture evidence so you don’t pay for another driver’s mistake
  • Show HD video on the spot with your smartphone or tablet
Stay on the road
Talk with helpful humans, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Assistance in 5 languages
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